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Three Functions Of Roofing Tiles

For houses, roofing tiles have the following three functions.

Rainproof and leakproof

Leak proof is the most important function of roofing tiles, but it is not easy to prevent rain and leaks. If the tile structure is unreasonable, the leakage prevention effect will be poor. Compared with the double-slot tile, the single-slot tile seam is opened at the highest point of the wavy edge and the lap joint is tight and firm, the gap is small, forming an "S"-type joint, not afraid of crosswind, and the rainwater enters the seam and enters The water groove has very little water and does not leak rain. The double-slot tile is not the same. Because the seam is opened at the half slope of the ridge, the water intake is 20~30 times of that of the former, and it is easy to leak during the heavy storm. In addition to the structural form, the impermeability of the tile has a great influence on the leakage prevention. Tiles with lower density, high water permeability, continuous rain, some rainwater will penetrate the tile body, drip from the back, and penetrate into the house. The high-density tile, no matter how long the continuous rain and rain, the tile body will not seep, and the leak-proof function is reliable.

Thermal insulation

With the improvement of people's living standards, natural requirements for living conditions are higher, and residential comfort is one of the important indicators. In order to be comfortable, the insulation performance of the house must be good, and the roof tile bears this responsibility. The thickness of the tile itself is limited, only 1cm, so it cannot be insulated. The heat insulation is completely sealed by the layer of air that is tightly sealed under the tile. The more sealed it is, the better the insulation will be. This is just like the double-layer glass insulation. Although there is only one thin layer of air between the two layers of glass, as long as the four sides are tightly sealed, the heat insulation effect will be good. If you have four sides, it will not work. The tile is also the same, the size is accurate, the lap joint structure is reasonable, and the tile is not warped. After it is set up, it is like a whole, and it is tightly sealed. In addition to good rain and windproof, it naturally plays a good thermal insulation effect. The double-slot tiles that have been eliminated are difficult to be spliced tightly, and the thermal insulation performance is bound to be bad. The insulation effect of the two will be as much as 3 °C ~ 4 °C.


Building a house is the same as making a dress. In addition to wearing it, you must expect a beautiful look. The clay tile is the "outer coat" of the house. The color and tile design of the tile and the paving quality play a decisive role in the appearance of the building. Moreover, the "outerwear" of the house is worn for decades. Therefore, when choosing a tile, you should be cautious and careful. You can't save a small amount of money and mistake the big thing, regret it.

If you want to be beautiful in roofing tiles, you should pay attention to the following:

1. The color is soft and even, not glaring and bright, preferably matte. Because of the poor materials used in the small factory tile, the color tone is not particular, and the color is often ugly.

2. There is no color difference between the tile and the tile. After going to the room, the color of each tile is uniform, there is no depth and no speckle.

3. The color is durable, "wind scraping", sun exposure, rain does not fade. Some small factories are not able to spray the cement paste evenly because of the simplistic equipment and the technology. This kind of tile will fall off in a short time, the base will be exposed, the color tile will not be colored, and the mottled bark is very ugly.

4. The tile-shaped slope is soft and gives a sense of beauty. The tile shape of the big factory is carefully designed by experts from the perspective of art. Spreading on the roof will give people a sense of beauty and intimacy. The small factory tile did not have such a deliberate design. After the tile was placed on the room, it gave a mechanically stiff feeling and looked very uncomfortable.

5. The size is accurate, the lap joint is tight, and the paving error is small. A good colored cement tile, after being laid, is straight and vertical, and it is as neat as printing. It is very beautiful. Dimensional errors are large or warped and often cannot be laid. If the tile mold is made of iron, it will not produce the exact size of the tile. No one can use this tile. For example, the width of the tile is only 2mm, and 100 tiles are arranged, which will be 20cm worse than the half tile. The corrugation will naturally become oblique and cannot be laid out. If the tile is warped, the gap after the paving is large, and it will not be beautiful.

6. Good frost resistance. In the north, it is common for winter temperatures to drop to minus 10 °C. If the density of the tile is not good, the water absorption rate is high, and during the day, the snow water is absorbed, and the ice at night will swell the colored layer, causing it to peel off slowly, thereby damaging the tile. Because the tile of the small factory is not crushed by high pressure, the compactness is not good, and the service life of the tile will not last long.

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