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Roof Tiles Are One Of The Building Materials

Roof tiles are one of the building materials. With the development of the building materials industry, roof tiles have also evolved from the original ordinary tiles to the current varieties. What kinds of roof tiles are there now? What are these types? What are the advantages and disadvantages? Let's take a look at the types of roof tiles and the advantages and disadvantages of each type.

Type of roof tile

First, colored stone metal tile

1. Advantages: Color stone metal tile construction is convenient and safe, it is not easy to fall off, and has a use time of up to 50 years. It also has the advantages of noise reduction, corrosion prevention, waterproof, fireproof, dustproof and self-cleaning. The color is more selective and has the advantages of western architectural color.

2. Disadvantages: The price is higher than other tiles, and the bearing capacity is higher than that of color steel tiles.

3, suitable for high-end residential, wooden houses, light steel structures, villas, resorts and some tourist attractions.

Second, asphalt tiles

1. Advantages: Asphalt shingles have the advantages of noise reduction, windproof, corrosion resistance, fire prevention, etc. The service life is about 20-30 years, the colors are diverse, the price is cheap, the installation is convenient, and the laying effect is geometric.

2. Disadvantages: The service life is relatively short, and it is necessary to waterproof the membrane when laying.

3. Suitable for villas, pavilions, public toilets, resorts, urban renovation, tourist attractions, etc.

Third, glass tile

1. Advantages: It has certain waterproof performance, high strength, noise reduction and noise, and also has a certain degree of gloss.

2, shortcomings: relatively easy to break, not suitable for long-distance transportation, heavy weight, and relatively easy to fall off, with certain environmental pollution, is currently the national environmental protection focus rectification object.

3. Applicable to private houses, pavilions and ancient buildings.

Fourth, cement tile

1. Advantages: There are many types of cement tiles. The appearance types include corrugated tile, flat tile and S-shaped tile. The production process includes two types: roller pressure tile and molded tile; it has good three-dimensional sense and strong bearing capacity.

2, shortcomings: easy to break, many varieties, not easy to distinguish between good and bad.

3. Applicable to private houses, ancient buildings, etc.

Five, resin tile

1. Advantages: It has the advantages of light weight, strong toughness, sound insulation, waterproof and impact resistance. The service life is about 20 years, the installation is convenient, and the installation cost can be saved.

2, shortcomings: more recycled materials, easier to fade and aging.

3. Applicable to workshops, light steel structures, houses, etc.

Six, color steel tile

1. Advantages: There are many color options, light weight, low price, etc., and easy to install.

2, shortcomings: relatively easy to rot, to maintain, and the age is short, only about 10 years.

3. Applicable to workshops, movable board houses, carports, road partitions, etc.

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